Kindergarten- Learning the Parts of the Computer with Worksheet

Kindergarten- Learning the Parts of the Computer with Worksheet

Grade: Kindergarten
Major Topic: Computer Hardware
Week/Weeks: 1 class

NETS for Students:
  1. Basic operations and concepts
    • Students demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.

  • Have students sit in a group and play a game called “Simon Says” and have them take turns finding a part of the computer.
    • “Simon Says, [child’s name] find me the monitor!”
    • This is a great way to learn your students’ names!

  • Discuss directions and have students complete the computer parts worksheet (1AComputerPartsWS).
  • Color as per directions.
  • If time permits, have a paint program open for them to practice their mouse skills. Allowing free time in this program will help you assess who will need extra help in the beginning and who may already understand the basic concepts of the computer. 
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